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Your one stop shop for all your tooling for bolts, nuts, screws and more.

We can provide specific pieces to complete set.

Don't see parts you need? Contact us and we can still source it for you!

Nut Former Tooling Set

We offer tooling for any nut formers. You can order individual punches, carbide dies, cutters to complete custom designed tooling set.

Rivet Tooling Set

Complete tooling set

  • Cutter

  • Cutter Die

  • 1st punch

  • 2nd punch

  • Main die

  • KO pin

  • KO pin sleeve

  • Back spacer

  • PKO pin

Transfer Fingers

Transfer fingers suitable for bolt formers, nut formers and part formers.

Clamping Dies

These clamps are suitable the following screw types:

  • YS Type

  • TWS Type

  • N Type

  • LS Type

  • BS Type

Punch Pins

  • Hexagon

  • 6 lobe

  • 12 point

  • Round Extrusion

  • Custom Shape

Thread Rolling Dies

Various thread rolling dies available.

  • Thread rolling die

  • Serration / Knurling die

  • Flat Thread rolling die


Cases for machines.


We offer a wide range of nut taps,
spiral fluted taps, can roll taps, spiral pointed taps, straight fluted taps and specialized taps.

Trimming Die

We offer a wide range of trimming dies. From hex, square to customized shapes.

Thread Rolling Flat Die

Thread Rolling Die for

  • machine screw thread

  • tapping screws

  • dry wall & chipboard screws

  • wood screws

  • trilobular thread

  • serrated threads

  • custom threads

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