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Automatic Threading Rolling Machine: Video

Automatic Threading Machine

High Speed Thread Rolling Machine


The High Speed Thread Rolling Machine is equipped with a protective device for lubricant so the machine can't be switched on with low lubricant level. The patented feeding spring device is not squeezed so it does not have to be replaced often due to long service life. Both gear and machinery are equipped with a lubricant device while cooling oil is circulating by a pump. The precise design substantially enhances the stability and durability which translates to stable threading quality with low defect rates.

Automatic Thread Rolling Machine


Patented automatic thread rolling machine feed mechanism.

Powerful pump, automatic oil supply circuit to

  • reduce the sliding plate wear down

  • make sliding eliminating friction loss

Adjustable platform to correct the position between vibrator conveyor and guide rail.

Available Accessories:


To assist small sized screws to move smoother and more efficient through the tray.


Provide multiple choices for the machine's running speed.

Pneumatic brakes

Able to handle the back and forth movement when jogging the machine.

CE Safety Cover

To project the operator. The machine will immediately stop if the cover is open.

Automatic Threading Rolling Machine: Projects
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