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Specialized Secondary Processing: Video

Specialized Secondary Processing Machines

Reciprocating Tapping Machine

  • Tapping for blind hole nuts and special shape nuts.

  • Easy to change thread pitches: simplified tooling(fixture), quick tooling and die change.

  • Improve product yield with torque monitoring to prevent irregularities from blunt tapping.

  • Accurate tapping depth: Tapping depth is adjustable and can be controlled precisely.


Automatic PLC Lathe Machine

This automatic PLC lathe machine can be program to perform multiple actions. Over 30 pre-programmed actions are available. The lathe machine can be customized to be thru fed.


Washer Assembly Machine

The assembly machine works in conjunction with an automatic thread rolling machine. The assembly machine can combine one to two washer onto each bolt before place the bolt onto the feed track.

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