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Circular Thread Rolling Machine: Video

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

Thru feed and In feed type rolling machine

A mass of screws can be precisely made by thread rolling machines with thread rolling dies.   “Cold forming” is the most appropriate description of thread rolling progress.   Place a round material blank in the between of thread rolling dies.  The die thread penetrates the blank surface to form the thread roots and displaces material outward form the crest.  This is the basic theory for thread rolling.


3-die pipe type thread rolling machine

  1. Specially designed for tubular processing. Equilateral triangle supports running to assure the roundness.

  2. Equilateral triangle supports rolling for improving roundness, concentricity and vertical degree.

  3. Driving by hydraulic unit: Featuring in easy operation and powerful pressure.

  4. The transmission gear with grinding shape: Featuring in noise-free, durable and precise transmission.

  5. Particularly applied to the tubular thread processing, such as oil connectors, bicycle, automobile and motor vehicle parts, radiating pipe etc.


Cam in feed type thread rolling machine

Thread rolling machines are used to produce screws, bolts, and tools. The blank is pressed by thread rolling dies which are attached to the thread rolling machine . The Cam type thread rolling machine is adopted the mechanical cam feed to complete the thread rolling motion, and the precise feed positioning can be ensured.

  1. Designed for the thread rolling of standard screws, bicycle parts, automobile parts, small household electric appliances and various and various machinery parts.

  2. The precise worm shaft and worm gear: Keep steady transmission, and the accuracy of thread profile.

  3. Precise transmission grinding type gear shape: Noise-free, durable, transmission operates precisely, and no extra space when transmission.

  4. dove tail-type slide: assuring that jumping, vibration, and wear will not happen during rolling process.

  5. UM-3 adopts eccentricity feeding: Featuring easy operation and smart design, suitable for small screws and knurling patterns.

Circular Thread Rolling Machine: Projects


Circular Thread Rolling Machine: Gallery
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